Brand Eins 07.2013

Work, work, work - after having been through one of our busiest years so far we see that our homepage has suffered with no news since last september. In these last months Papp has finished the 2.0 exhibition, Mecha-Papp has come to life, the new Papp 3.0 skeleton is ready for production - the Papp 1.0 and 2.0 artists will get one each this fall. We have finished two public commissioned artworks. Hilde has been elected as chairwoman of the board at the Norwegian Artists Association. New office, new machinery to be learnt. And two new exciting news about Papp - the first being Brand Eins, the second to be announced soon!

If you’re in germany: go and get the last edition of Brand Eins!

Papp 2.0 opening in DogA!

Pasted Graphic 1
Papp 2.0 is opening at the National centre for Design and Architecture, DogA in Oslo on this thursday 17.00. The show will feature ten brilliant artists who have contributed to our project this time:

Olaf Breuning, Switzerland/USA
Jeremyville, Australia/USA
Kinoko, USA
Ryan Quincy, USA
Lars Erik Svensson, Sweden/Norway
Roman Klonek, Poland/Germany
Rilla Alexander, Australia/Germany
Nathan Jurevicius, Australia/Canada
Shoboshobo, France
Fiona Smyth, Canada

Join us on this here papp-fest or visit us here or on our Facebook fan-page for more news and pictures!

Pica Pica final weld

The last work is being done on our public commission «Pica Pica» there days. In a week or two we’ll see the project finished and post more pictures!

Arts festival of North Norway, Papp

A snapshot of the review from Harstad Tidende where Papp got lots of attention, main image shows Bo William playing with Papp on the quays...

"Be my guest", Festspillene i Nord-Norge

Papp went monumental when asked to participate in the groupshow «Be my guest» curated by the lovely Janne Juvi Rasmussen, for the cubic dogma exhibition in the Arts festival of North Norway 2012. Photo by Elisabeth Lian.

UKRUTT - an open air exhibition

UKRUTT is an open air exhibition/public art project and also a part of a larger development project called Toke Brygge. It aims to better the conditions and attract visitors to Drangedal. We have been a part of the central group to give ideas and to make sure Drangedal got national attention, funding and local enthusiasm and involvement all through the four years of the projects period. Toke Brygge facebookpage here and website here. National press for UKRUTT here. Toke brygge has now got 2 mill. norwegian kroners in funding from KRD and things are looking bright for the project lead by Gunn Marit Christenson at Springer Utvikling and Tone Telnes at Feste Landskapsarkitekter. UKRUTT will continue with us as curators next year and it also seems likely that we will do another show in 2014. Read More...


Den kulturelle skolesekken, a program for pupils to experience art as a part of their education, chose Papp as a part of their program. We held workshops for kids age 13-16 and they interpreted Papp into the weird world of Lucha Libre; the colorful masked, mexican free wrestling. By remote control, two Papp fought and the game was to push the opponent over the line, and the referee hit the bell. The game was set within a backyard fence with also served as teeth to the character hanging over with special lighting for the stage of the fight. We got very good response from the students and their teachers and from DKS reports and are looking forward to the big exhibition this fall, at DogA in Oslo, starting 10´th of september. Read More...

UKRUTT exhibition and workshop

1-3. June Drangedal will pay host to five artists/-groups in our exhibition UKRUTT as a part of the project Toke Brygge. We are curators and coordinators for the temporary outdoor exhibition showing works from Carol Hummel, (USA), Luke Ramsey, (Canada), Sisyfos Minigolfclub (NO), Bjørn Kowalski Hansen, (NO) and Ånond Versto, (NO). This is part one and the next will be summer 2013. Carol have just held a workshop for us in Drangedal via Skype from Ohio, and there was much enthusiasm from the participants so we are hopeful to be able to crochet a big tree and 22 light poles in the centre. This is the article about the workshop in the local paper Drangedalsposten and we are so much looking forward to seeing the art piece slowly come together. Vernissage at Drangedalsdagene!

Polarwheels Logo

We must admit that we were a bit inspired by the Solaris poster from the movie of ´72 directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, when we started working on this logo. The design is built up by a half circle and a rectangle with curves forming the «P» for Polarwheels. 80% cyan was chosen for «polar coolness» and the P makes a perfect fit in the centrecup, in the rims they are producing.

Kort Sagt i Klassekampen

Kort_sagt_Klassekampen